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Before you install the sensible cli, make sure you have brew, node, npm and npx. If you don't, this is how to install them:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install node

Now, get sensible:

npm install -g sensible

This installs the sensible command onto your system. We also add the shortcut s, which does the same as sensible. If you don't want it globally, just use npx instead, that also works.

Sensible Init

sensible init or yarn create sensible-app bootstraps a new sensible project for you, with sensible defaults.

There are a couple of flags and arguments to alter the way it works. Everything is optional, and it is recommended to KISS, be sensible, and just live with the defaults:

  • name as first argument (optional): name of your project
  • repo as second argument (optional): Where should your app be hosted? Provide an URL or a GitHub slug (either "org/repo" or "username/repo").
  • --debug turns on logging
  • --non-interactive will ask some questions before bootstrapping
  • --offline will get everything from cache, no matter how long it's ago since you last ran sensible
  • --branch=string will change the default branch name

Sensible Setup

The Sensible setup script checks and installs everything to get the most out of sensible on your MacOS system.

sensible setup

Use this at your own risk! Check here for the source.

Sensible Add

With this command you can easily add an app type to your project. Make sure you're in the root folder of your project.

sensible add [app type]

If you want to choose the apptype, just run sensible add without apptype.