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  • --no-cache will get everything without cache
  • --no-third-party will skip cloning the third party apps -->
  • --cache-days=number will change the amount of days before cache is not used anymore (has on effect if you also use --offline or --no-cache)
  • --new-defaults will set the flags you set as new defaults -->

Coming up

We're still working on these settings. You can guess what they could do:

  • --git.user=string
  • --domain=string
  • --vercel-token=string
  • --cloudflare-token=string
  • --namecheap-token=string
  • --expo-token=string
  • --ios-token=string
  • --play-token=string
  • --server-ip=string
  • --server-user=string
  • --server-password=string
  • --server-token=string
  • --king-token=string
  • --logo=string

Do you have any other ideas to improve the CLI? Please think about contributing or start a discussion.