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Monetisation out of the box?

What’s a good way to get paid for an open source project?

Ideally you want to let people pay for what they think it’s worth for them.

In the beginning it should be free, therefore.

Sensible is a code generation platform. Generating the code is the main thing it does, but perceived value is very dependent on who uses it. If people can use it to go to production and earn a lot of money with it, it could be huge.

Yes, sensible and Market stack are frameworks to form startups in a scalable way. Startups make money. Perceived value is that money. Monetisation can be included into the sensible stack from the start. You can then replace it, or be happy with the few % that goes to us.

Monetisation from scratch!

Sensible is client of stripe with and lets others create startups with ease. You can also create your own stripe integration, but this should be discouraged and not worth it. Sensible lets you have a monetised product within seconds and gets a variable percentage of that, depending on revenue. The sensible team provides support to enterprises that use our framework with payment integration with lots of revenue. The first 10k is for you 100%, then the cut is 20%, then it goes back down to 3% if your revenue goes into the millions. Keep it worth it. Free for hobby projects, pay for your revenue for enterprises. BOOYAH!