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  • return todos from api (optionally behind auth)
  • render them and make them editable
  • add ways to prio them and make a trello board

Todo's can exist in many ways:

  • issues
  • notes
  • codebase comments
  • md files
  • videos
  • on slack
  • discussions

the problem with this is that it's in many places, unorganised. So that's why GitHub should normally be the main place because you get a good overview using a project board.

But there's one problem with that: it's far away from the code!

Why don't we put the issues in the code itself! You could do it this way:

  • comments // TODO: xxxx or /* TODO xxx */ in code files
  • or * or todo.*.md or any .md file with label todo or with the word todo inside

Of course this is not handy for the non coders, and it also makes it hard to get a good overview and do a project board.

UNLESS (todo)

  • scan codebase for todo's like above using a function, create UX for that so anyone can access it
  • create trello-like UX so you can plan the todo's. dragging/dropping them or changing issues text or datapoints will alter the todo in the codebase by making the change on your machine (save button could do a ship)
  • new todos created in the UX are put in a folder according to the labels attached to the todo (which is in front matter) or just in a /todo folder in the root if it's unknown.

If we do this... why do we need git? mainly code sharing and version control. is it really worth it? Can't I do something better?