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Sensible is a full stack typescript framework that lets you build apps super quickly and smoothly. Sensible lets you easily share your code between React and React Native, and between front-end and back-end. It has never been this easy! Sensible's mission is to boost the productivity of 100.000+ Software Developers, making it as easy as possible to build high-quality full-stack mobile- and web-apps.

Curious? Just run npx sensible and see the magic, or check out the demo

Why Sensible?

The problem

  1. JavaScript fatigue is real. With new tools and frameworks popping up like mushrooms, it's hard to keep up. It's even harder to reuse your code between different projects because every project has a different stack.

  2. Launching an app is hard. There are many things you need to do in order to streamline the process of developing a full stack application. Simplifying and automating parts of it can be a daunting task, and there aren't a lot of solutions looking at the bigger picture: from idea to launch.

  3. Maintaining Quality Software is hard. Lots of projects fail or become increasingly inefficient due to technical debt building up once the initial developers leave. Often, bad or no documentation makes it very hard to onboard new developers and make them productive.

The solution

  1. Take Sensible Defaults. We need a standard for a big range of app development projects so it's less needed to think about the stack every project.

  2. Mapping out the whole process. We need a single place we can go to where you can find an overview of everything needed to launch a succesful software product.

  3. Smart Codebase Codebase Introspection and Automatic Documentation Generation would be a big help in decreasing chronic technical debt and maximising learnability.