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This is what we've done so far...

  • September 2021 Started with react-with-native: a very important pillar of Sensible
  • December 2021 Started experimenting with full-stack codebase sharing
  • January 2022 Decided to create something that became Sensible
  • February 14th Made the codebase open source
  • May 2022 Launched v1 BETA, featuring a CLI, full-stack type-safety, doc-generation and a small VSCode plugin

This is our current long-term plan (subject to change):

  • June - October 2022 Testing with beta clients and developers, making it more stable and usable.
  • July 2022 onwards Start promoting it for early adopters
  • August 2022 Integration and refactor to King OS architecture
  • September - December 2022 Add CMS, metascripts, sensible marketplace, endpoint docs examples
  • 2023 endpoint docs: recents & errors, monetisation, and much more..!


In the sidebar, you can find a collection of some ideas. It is also kind of the place where we plan the implementation of the ideas, so it can be quite technical sometimes. A little insight into our company ;)

Submit your ideas

Do you have more ideas to make Sensible even better? Feel free to discuss them in our community!