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Junior Full Stack Developer

We're looking for anyone willing to learn how to make full stack typescript apps.

our team

What we can offer you

  • Weekly guidance guiding you through learning how to make full stack apps with Sensible
  • You start with a minimum hourly wage on freelance basis (For example, in the Netherlands, you'll get a minimum of €12 per hour spent in the editor)
  • Once you got the basics, you can start working for clients and earn much more. We work with Dutch clients that pay anything from €70 an hour.
  • Choose what you want to work on yourself from a very broad range of small projects
  • Total freedom in hours worked and location
  • A very nice environment to work, a great community

What you need to offer us

  • A strong work ethic and motivation to become the best in your field and reach your full potential
  • A collaborative mindset where you're not afraid to help others in need.
  • A will to solve big problems, especially climate change and bad applications of AI
  • A positive attitude
  • Willingness to not only do software development but also marketing and other stuff, anything, really.

Interested? join our community and join #studygroup to get in touch.